At Baskin Wealth Management, we take a disciplined team approach to managing your money, recognizing that each client has unique goals and attitudes towards risk. Your portfolio manager will assess your unique needs and develop a tailored strategy, incorporating investment advice, tax services, retirement planning, estate planning and philanthropic goals.

We take pride in spending the time to ensure an in-depth understanding of your complete financial situation.

Wealth Management Solutions Firm

Changes in lifestyle and demographics have affected us all. We have found that an integrated multi-generational approach to wealth management works very well. Our approach delivers made-to-measure wealth management strategies and superior client service to families and foundations with $1 million or more to invest. We take into account your goals and attitudes towards risk as well as considering your tax, legal and estate requirements to ensure your portfolio continues to meet your needs.

The Wealth Management Experts

Founded over 25 years ago, we remain independently owned, making our top people available to you.

Our research process is dynamic, constantly seeking to understand your investments better. Most importantly, we have the patience to wait for the right opportunities and to use the day-to-day volatility to your advantage. We are committed to protecting your capital and building your wealth over the long-term.

disciplined approach
disciplined approach

Planning for your future

Wealth management is more than advice relating to investment options. It is a holistic approach to managing your financial health and starts by us taking the time to fully understand the goals you have for you and your family.

Putting Family First

Since its inception, Baskin Wealth Management has focused on families. We manage accounts for people of all ages, from newborn to old age. We recognize that optimal wealth management within families is a long-term process. We understand your complete financial situation. We account for your tax, legal and estate needs, consider your retirement needs, provide financial planning, and we work with your tax and legal advisors.

In the News

April Financial Planning Edition – All about Trusts

By |Apr 9th, 2024|Podcasts|

Benjamin Klein, Senior Portfolio Manager and CFP, joins Barry for our monthly financial planning podcast. Benjamin and Barry have a fascinating discussion about trusts and joint accounts with family members. If you are curious about how they work, the pros and cons of each, and the differences between a formal and informal trust, then this episode will be enlightening.

Monthly Newsletter – March 2024

By |Apr 3rd, 2024|Outlook|

In this month's newsletter, David runs some experiments using Microsoft's AI tool - Copilot - to better understand what it is and isn't capable of. He starts with a basic question, to which it provides a pretty good answer. He then asks if Copilot is good at picking stocks. For David, the answer demonstrated that while Copilot has plenty of knowledge, it lacks wisdom, an essential ingredient in making decisions in the markets where there are large numbers of somewhat irrational humans involved.

Compounding is afoot at the Circle K

By |Apr 1st, 2024|Podcasts|

Alimentation Couche-Tard (ATD) is one of the best performing Canadian equities for over 30 years. Ernest and Barry discuss the pros, cons and the reasons why we finally purchased this investment for clients. We also talk about Apple's recent woes and reasons to stay optimistic.

Cash Isn’t Trash Any More

By |Mar 31st, 2024|Blog, Unknown|

David discusses the current investment landscape where Government of Canada bonds offer over 5% returns, contrasting sharply with the low rates of the past decade. While these higher rates may now persist for longer than expected, for the long-term investor, he argues that cash is not a good portfolio asset and that we have never been fans of market timing. So, unless there is a short-term need, such as an upcoming expenditure, best to stay invested.

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