Baskin Wealth Management takes a disciplined team approach to managing your money and recognizes that each client has unique goals and attitudes towards risk.

Your portfolio manager will assess your unique needs and develop a tailored strategy incorporating investment advice, tax services, retirement planning, estate planning and philanthropic goals.

We take pride in spending the time to ensure an in-depth understanding of your complete financial situation.

disciplined approach

Our approach delivers made-to-measure wealth management strategies and superior client service to families and foundations with $1 million or more to invest.

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Changes in lifestyle and demographics have affected us all. We have found that an integrated multi-generational approach to wealth management works very well.

speak to a portfolio manager

Founded over 25 years ago, we remain independently owned, making our top people available to you.

speak to a portfolio manager

Wealth management is more than advice relating to investment options.  It is a holistic approach to managing your financial health.

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