A Bitcoin can’t do it. A piece of art will never dare. A bottle of wine? Forget about it. A bond? Are you out of your mind? There’s nothing quite like a dividend increase. You don’t have to put extra hours at the office to get one. All you need is excess cash and a lot of patience.

Companies that pay and raise dividends will reward your portfolio over the long term. A dividend increase is the gift that keeps on giving and you never have to put more money in to upkeep your investment. Many of our portfolio companies gave our clients a raise this year. Here’s a few:

National Bank 11%
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners 15%
Canadian Utilities 10%
High Liner Foods 73%
Tim Hortons 24%
Methanex 8%
Rogers Communications 10%
Magna 16%
CSX Rail 7%
Viacom 9%

Disclosure: The author and clients of Baskin Financial own shares in the companies mentioned above.