Are you still looking for that perfect holiday present?  Why not give the gift that keeps on giving and growing.  Stocks that pay dividends and have a history of raising their dividends over time make great stocking stuffers.  Here are some companies that we hold for our clients that recently raised their dividends:

Astral Media – 50% dividend increase announced December 9th.  Astral’s dividend has increased 87.5% since 2006.

Bell Canada – 7.7% dividend increase announced December 10th.  This is Bell’s fourth dividend increase since the fourth quarter of 2008.

Cameco  – 43% dividend increase announced December 2nd.  This will be the seventh time Cameco has increased its dividend in nine years.

Fortis –  3.6% dividend increase announced December 14th.  This extends Fortis’ record of annual dividend payment increases to 38 consecutive years, the longest record of any public corporation in Canada.

National Bank – 6.5% dividend increase announced November 30th.  National is the first and only major Canadian bank to raise its dividend in 2010.

When buying dividend paying stocks for our clients we look to own companies that have a history of raising dividends over time.  When a company raises its dividend it signals to investors that it believes profits will improve in the future.  Higher profits generally lead to higher stock prices so buying companies that raise dividends regularly is the best way to grow your portfolio over time.  Happy shopping!

The author owns shares of Bell Canada, Fortis and National Bank.

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