Why we finally put a ring on MSCI

2024-06-10T11:17:23-04:00By |Categories: Podcasts|

MSCI is a provider of indexes and data for asset managers and, in our opinion a high-quality business. Barry and Ernest provide the reasons for the purchase and their outlook for the company going forward. Plus, Barry and Ernest have an update on our thesis of everyone’s favourite retailer - Costco.

Buffett takes a bite out of Apple: A review of the Berkshire Hathaway 2024 Meeting

2024-05-14T12:59:23-04:00By |Categories: Podcasts|

If you are a fan of two of the largest companies in the world, then you don’t want to miss this episode. Barry and Ernest, review the highlights of the Berkshire Hathaway 2024 annual meeting. Why did Buffett trim Apple? What is Berkshire going to do with all that cash? What could Buffett buy in Canada? Tune in to find out! Plus, Barry and Ernest discuss Baskin Wealth Management’s investment thesis on Apple and why they feel many parts of the business are under-appreciated.

Love that Turnaround at Restaurant Brands

2024-05-07T13:50:13-04:00By |Categories: Podcasts|

This week’s episode has it all, a meeting with Murray Edwards, a discussion about Canadian Energy and the TMX pipeline, listening to Mitch Rales on capital allocation and culture, a review of Waste Connections recent earnings results and then a feature discussion on Restaurant Brands.

Trash is Cash: Waste Connections

2024-04-29T14:41:41-04:00By |Categories: Podcasts|

In our opinion, successful long-term investments are found in companies that focus exclusively on culture. Waste Connections fits this bill. Under the tutelage of its founder, Ronald Mittelstaedt, Waste Connections has collected a compounder status by turning trash into cash with its unique Servant Leadership model. Barry and Ernest discuss Baskin's history of owning Waste Connections as well potential rewards and risks they see going forward.

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