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Sitting on Topicus of the World

2024-02-27T13:53:17-05:00By |Categories: Podcasts|

With Barry back from vacation, he and Ernest get right back into discussing stocks and the markets. First, the guys discuss Nvidia and AI and sticking to you what you know as an investor. Next, they talk about three companies that are getting the long-term shareholders they deserve, CoStar Group, CCL Industries and Restaurant Brands. Finally, the feature discussion is on Topicus. Spun out from Constellation Software in 2021, Topicus is a serial acquirer of software companies based in Europe. They discuss the reason for the spin-out, Topicus’ strategy, why it is listed on the TSX Venture exchange and why it trades at a higher valuation than Constellation Software.

Lessons from David Baskin

2024-02-15T15:50:24-05:00By |Categories: Podcasts|

With Barry away this week, Ernest talks with Baskin Wealth Management's founder and Chairman, David Baskin about the story of Baskin and how wealth management has evolved. This episode is full of stories and wisdom from David's extensive experience in the industry.

Stryker: Hips, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

2024-02-06T10:06:43-05:00By |Categories: Podcasts|

Jam packed episode this week! First, Ernest discusses what he does during earnings season. Next, he and Barry discuss why stocks react the way they do after reporting quarterly earnings and they then breakdown some recent reports from Alphabet, Ferrari and Microsoft. Finally, their feature discussion is about the medical device giant, Stryker, where they discuss its moat and the outlook for business.

Monthly Newsletter – January 2024

2024-02-02T10:32:03-05:00By |Categories: Outlook|

In this month’s newsletter David writes about how the Canadian government's got a reminder for us – hey, you're getting old! They let him know this by telling him to start taking money out of his RRSP, which is now a RRIF, and begin paying the taxes that go along with it. They say death and taxes are inevitable, which is at least half true, but good planning can sure take the edge off taxes. Just don't wait too long.

Netflix: Laying the Smackdown on its competition

2024-01-29T16:43:07-05:00By |Categories: Podcasts|

In this week's podcast Barry and Ernest talk about both streaming and the Canadian Railroads. But first they discuss the valuation of stocks as we start 2024 and how one should behave in a bull market. The feature discussion is on Netflix where they review the latest earnings report and the game-changing deal with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). In the final segment, it's a business with a lot less drama - CN Rail. They talk about CN's latest earnings results and the outlook for the company.

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