Listen to Barry Schwartz, David Baskin, Ernest Wong and other members of the Baskin Wealth Management team as they provide updates on the markets, the economy, companies that we are investing in and a variety of other topics to help you stay informed on how we are working to manage your wealth.

Podcast – May 26, 2023

By |May 26th, 2023|

Barry Schwartz and Ernest Wong kick off this episode with a discussion about AI and Nvidia as well as stock price volatility, then move on to talk about the opportunity in Brookfield Corporation. Next, the lacklustre results of the Canadian Banks and then it is the feature discussion...CCL Industries. CCL is the largest label maker in the world and is one of the greatest capital allocators in North America (that you may never have heard of).

Podcast – April 17, 2023

By |April 17th, 2023|

This week we have a very special guest....David Baskin, Chairman, Founder and Portfolio Manager at Baskin Wealth Management. In our opening discussion, David explains why inflation expectations matter more than the current inflation number and gives his take on the Federal Reserve and Jay Powell. Then David discusses what happened to one of Canada's premiere money managers, Gluskin Sheff. Finally, David tells us why he is still bullish on Canadian Banks given the recent negative headlines.

Podcast – April 10, 2023

By |April 10th, 2023|

Costco's stores are so busy that no one goes there anymore, just kidding! Costco store traffic continues to be very strong, Costco's balance sheet is in great shape and many expect a special dividend and membership fee hike shortly. In the meantime, Costco continues to open stores at a measured pace around the globe. Ernest and I profess our love for Costco and give our thesis why you should pay up for this great business.

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