Listen to Barry Schwartz, David Baskin, Ernest Wong and other members of the Baskin Wealth Management team as they provide updates on the markets, the economy, companies that we are investing in and a variety of other topics to help you stay informed on how we are working to manage your wealth.

Podcast – November 12, 2023

By |Nov 13th, 2023|

Continuing on where they last left off, Ernest and Barry, review quarterly earnings of client holdings including, Canadian Natural Resources, Tourmaline Oil, Apple, Ferrari, Live Nation and Restaurant Brands. But first, the guys discuss why indexing in Canada should [...]

Podcast – November 1, 2023

By |Nov 1st, 2023|

Ernest and Barry start the podcast with a discussion about Candy and Ozempic. They then do a quick review of some of our client's holdings including: CoStar, Visa, CN Rail, TFI International, Netflix, Dominos, Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Long [...]

Podcast – October 23, 2023

By |Oct 23rd, 2023|

In this week's episode, Barry and Ernest discuss the recent volatility in the market, the illusion of safety in private real estate investments and their feature conversation is about CoStar.

Podcast – October 12, 2023

By |Oct 12th, 2023|

Ernest and Barry discuss Baskin's strategy for fixed income. Then they discuss what to do when you own a stock that is going nowhere. This leads to the feature discussion on Vail Resorts, the stock has been flat for years but its fundamentals are improving.

Podcast – October 2, 2023

By |Oct 2nd, 2023|

September was a tough month for the markets, but not to fear, pullbacks are a feature of investing. Ernest and Barry breakdown the month that was and review why buying stocks only with a low price earnings ratio can be dangerous to your returns. Finally, the feature conversation is about Costco, reviewing its latest quarterly earnings and give an outlook for its future.

Podcast – September 21, 2023

By |Sep 21st, 2023|

Ernest and Barry discuss inflation and what it means for your portfolio. The guys talk about weird Constellation Software rights offering and what options one has. Then they review earnings from Copart and Adobe. And then the feature conversation is a review of the investor days for both Brookfield Corporation and Brookfield Asset Management.

Podcast – September 14, 2023

By |Sep 14th, 2023|

If you like dividends, you will love this episode! Barry and Ernest discuss the rationale for owning Canadian Energy stocks for income. They also provide an overview of the Canadian telco industry and review whether the dividends of the big three are sustainable.

Podcast – September 6, 2023

By |Sep 6th, 2023|

Packed show with a great discussion of "Higher for Longer" and what it means for your portfolio, a quick review of our Copart thesis and then our feature discussion on the Canadian Banks. We review the risks facing the Canadian Banks given higher interest rates and the impact on the Canadian consumer in the short and medium term. Finally, we discuss the long term bullish outlook for Canadian Banks and the reason why prefer National Bank.

Podcast – August 21, 2023

By |Aug 21st, 2023|

We are back with a great conversation about Amazon. The everything store and cloud giant is firing on all cylinders. Has new CEO, Andy Jassy, finally set Amazon up for sustainable profits going forward? Tune in and find out...

Podcast – August 11, 2023

By |Aug 11th, 2023|

Back from vacation with our best podcast ever. Ernest and I discuss why we love companies that have the owner operator mindset and make themselves invincible on the balance sheet. Then we discuss our feature company, the profit machine called Apple. We talk about the current criticisms of the company and why we feel the best days stay lie ahead. Check it out!

Podcast – July 25, 2023

By |Jul 25th, 2023|

In this week's episode, Barry and Ernest discuss disruptions in the trucking industry, Constellation Software's big deal, and react to Netflix's earnings.

Podcast – July 14, 2023

By |Jul 14th, 2023|

This week's episode is a grab-bag of random topics. Ernest and I touch on the Magnificent Seven (the seven mega-techs that are driving the current rally), Domino's partnership with Uber, the FTC case against Activision and Microsoft and the implications for Adobe, risks in the Canadian grocery sector and why we don't buy fashion businesses. Check it out!

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