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At Baskin Wealth Management, we provide customized wealth management solutions and services to families and foundations with $1 million or more to invest. We take the time, not only when you first become a client, but throughout the relationship to ensure we have an in-depth understanding of your complete financial situation. This takes into account your goals and attitudes towards risk as well as considering your tax, legal and estate requirements to ensure your portfolio continues to meet your needs.

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Customized Wealth Management Solutions

Our Investment Edge

We conduct in-depth research to fully understand the key drivers of the businesses we buy for you – business models, competitive landscapes, and management track records. Our research process is dynamic, constantly seeking to understand your investments better.  Most importantly, we have the patience to wait for the right opportunities and to use the day-to-day volatility to your advantage.

Our commitment to protecting your capital and building your wealth over the long-term is demonstrated through a strict adherence by our investment committee to three simple investment principles.


We take a focused approach to build a curated portfolio of our best ideas


We use fundamental analysis and independent judgment to determine a company’s value


We ignore the day-to-day noise and focus our attention on compounding your capital over the long run

Fixed Income Strategy

Reduce volatility and protect your downside


High quality corporate bonds and preferred shares


Multiple investments across different industries and sectors

Downside Protection

Investments with shorter maturities to reduce interest rate risk


Highly marketable bonds and access to multiple dealers for best pricing

Equity Investment Criteria

Owning the best businesses for the long-run


Industry leader with durable competitive advantage


Long and wide runway for growth and reinvestment opportunities


Effective corporate governance and management with “skin in the game”

Capital Allocation

A smart approach to dividends, share buybacks and growth projects


Attractive price relative to quality and growth opportunities

Superior Client Experience

Superior Client Experience

Baskin Wealth Management takes pride in its close attention to client service. We offer our clients a unique discretionary investment management experience in that they have direct access to the expertise of the top people at our firm, a dedicated client service team, and easy-to-read dashboard reporting.

Investing with Baskin

Fees and commissions are often a source of confusion in the financial services sector. Baskin Wealth Management is transparent with respect to our compensation. No hidden fees.

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Investing with Baskin