A big show this week. Benjamin Klein, CFP, joins Barry to discuss the new budget in Canada. Barry and Benjamin explain the relevant capital gains taxation changes, what it means for your portfolio and your estate and what actions (if any) one should take before the June 25th deadline.

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0:00: Introduction

2:57: Benjamin walks us through the new budget in Canada with respect to the upcoming capital gains changes.

5:02: Taking $250,000 of capital gains in one year is rare.

6:45: What to know about the new tax changes for death, selling an investment property or liquidity needs.

7:58: Capital gains taxation upon death and what actions one can take to limit the            taxation impact.

11:26: For most of us, the best advice is to do nothing.

14:05: What can you do about cottages and investment properties?

15:52: Should you take capital gains if you have meaningful short-term liquidity requirements?

17:54: Trusts and Corporation discussion.

21:53: Summary of the actions you can take.

23:20: Changes to the lifetime capital gains exemption for owners of small businesses.

25:30: Listening to Warren Buffett on capital gains.

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