Great discussion this week about Canadian Compounders that trade at a discount to their U.S. peers. Barry and Ernest give four examples of companies owned by Baskin Wealth Management clients that are valued at a discount and the reasons why. Barry and Ernest discuss why Canadian stocks are currently out of favour and then finish off the episode with comments on Costco and Amazon.

Check out Ernest’s debut on BNN Bloomberg 

0:00: Introduction
0:56: Ernest’s discusses his debut on BNN Bloomberg
4:15: Why are there so few “super-investors”?
6:23: Canadian compounders trading at a discount to their U.S. peers and examples.
8:43: Why Canadian stocks are out of favour right now.
10:02: Example #1 – Couche-Tard
11:36: What do Hot Dogs and Compounders have in common?
12:40: Couche-Tard’s valuation discount
15:05: Example #2 – CCL Industries
16:40: Example of a Canadian Compounder trading at premium.
18:56: Example #3 – Canadian Natural Resources
21:43: Example #4- TFI Industries
23:16: Still prefer U.S. business and a discussion on Costco.
26:50: Amazon’s years of investments finally paying off.

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