In our opinion, successful long-term investments are found in companies that focus exclusively on culture. Waste Connections fits this bill. Under the tutelage of its founder, Ronald Mittelstaedt, Waste Connections has collected a compounder status by turning trash into cash with its unique Servant Leadership model. Barry and Ernest discuss Baskin’s history of owning Waste Connections as well potential rewards and risks they see going forward.

0:00: Introduction

1:37: discussion about capital gains changes in Canada and how it could affect your portfolio.

3:52: should you own a dividend payer stock vs. a growth stock given changes in capital gains rates in Canada

7:10: do these tax changes make Canada less competitive?

10:22: Feature discussion on Waste Connections

10:46: A quick discussion about the Halloween Surprise taxation of income trusts in Canada

14:00: a history of Baskin’s purchase of BFI Garbage Trust which eventually became Waste Connections

14:35: Waste Connections and waste business overview

21:50: Waste Connections’ secret sauce

23:23: Servant Leadership Culture at Waste Connections

29:55: Future catalysts for the stock

31:25: RNG potential upside for Waste Connections

33:52: Robotics and AI use in the Waste industry

35:40: Risks to consider when investing in Waste Connections

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